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SPORT CLUB BASILICATA is a sport club founded in 2012 and is affiliated with the Italian Federation of Sport Orienteering and is registered in the CONI National Register of Sports Associations. 

Among the statutory objectives include, among others, those to promote sports practice in younger age groups and the disabled. To date, the organic association is composed of n. 4 Technicians and about one hundred young athletes split categories according to their age in different training groups. 

The sports clubs regularly participates in all federal activities and not participating in championships, events and youth tournaments. 

The city of Matera in 2019 is the European Capital of Culture and the proposed project has the objective to also grow the sports culture in the territory because even the sport's culture. 

Every year, many implement various projects are to enjoy the sport to thousand of young athletes from 5 to 18 years of Matera . That we organize events bring many fans of physical activity especially in the growth of the cultures of youth sport. We organize thousand of free recreational activities, all of which can benefit everyone, regardless of age or ability. 

We are equipped with urban infrastructure outdoor / indoor, thus creating aesthetic and functional space for sports. That we realize international projects allow us to exchange experience with major European countries. 

Consequently, we develop the desire to make our wonderful city, famous for its natural beauties and modern thermal bathing facilities, a place where the beauty of the idea of the sports and tourism operates on both the grand arenas, and right next to us, in the urban space 

For young people Matera and its surrounding area ensures an adequate quality and a wide range of school and extracurricular sports activities, and an opportunity for adults to spend their free time actively. 

The city, within the own budget, also supports sports clubs, both professional and amateurs, sports training funds for children and young people, and successfully organizes competitions of different levels in many disciplines. 

SPORT CLUB BASILICATA was founded mainly to tackle with issues concerning one of the most important factors of healthy life habits, namely physical activity. It is more and more evident that lack of physical activity presents one of the greatest if not the greatest burden of modern society due to its vast impact on several aspects of life of an individual. 

Physical activity is in fact basic biological need and its neglect leads to many negative consequences both at the level of the individual and the society as a whole. 

As part of our work we promote and support policies and practices that contribute to social responsibility and a higher level of realization of human rights and equal social, societal and economic opportunities for all. We have established connections with other stakeholders – public administration, economy and media and successfully cooperate with different sport associations and organizations that work in the field of sport and physical activity such as Faculty of sport and National Olympic Committee. Association’s activities are focused on insuring bigger influence on the policymaking in the field of sport, public health, promotion of health and healthy lifestyle and social inclusion. 

Our objectives are: 

•     To promote physical activity and heathy lifestyle habit 

•     To promote intercultural communication 

•     To support gender equality, social inclusion and equal opportunities 

•     To strengthen sustainable development and solidarity 

•     To develop networks and links at local, national and international levels 

•     To sustain national and international cooperation 

•     To enhance the role and engagement of businesses on health and physical activity issues 

To achieve our goals, we: 

•     Organize promotional events and activities. 

•     Organize seminars and debates on local and regional level and cooperate on national and higher level on the issue of physical activity, social integration, equal opportunities, health to promote solutions and politics that would improve situation on the issues. 

•     Conduct studies. 

•     We carry out programs of regular, professionally managed activities, especially regarding health risk factors such as diet, exercise, stress, drug use and alcohol, for different target groups in order to change and improve their lifestyle. 

•     We cooperate with different stakeholders on local and national level, namely local communities, national sport organizations, local and national chamber of commerce, health sector, local and regional businesses. 

Our main activities and expertise are: 

• social and sports inclusion projects for disabled people 

• Research, development and applied activities in the field of physical activity 

• Promotion of healthy lifestyle habits 

• Awareness rising activities 

• Evidence based policy innovation initiatives on local and national level 

• Public dialog 

• Cooperation with national and international organizations 

• Horizontal and vertical networking 

• Mobility programs for youth, volunteers, coaches 

• Organizing workshops 

• Non-formal education and training programs 

• Organizing sports activities and events 

• Organizing physical activity and health promotion campaigns 

Contact: [email protected]